Sunday, November 20, 2011

12. Final Thoughts

This project has been a fun one and definitely tested my skills and patience from time to time.  The trailer tows great behind my truck and hasn't really affected my gas mileage too much.  After a week and a half camping in the desert, it performed admirably and will be a great weekender for someone that likes to tent camp without the hassle of setting up the tent after each move.  Building it to my specifications was both a creative and thought-provoking endeavor. 

Now the negatives.  First, the trailer is a stretch as a full-time RV as there isn't enough room to move around when the weather outside isn't cooperating.  After a 48 hr. Santa Ana wind blew through, my dog and I were ready to abandon ship.  Second, as a writer, I need a dedicated table at which to use my laptop and there just isn't room to accommodate this. 

If you need something to tow behind a car as you spend a week camping on occasion, this would be fine, but if you need something more, as I do, save your money and step up to a travel trailer or motorhome.  I now live and travel in a 19' Skyline Nomad and while still a little small at times, it weighs in at under 3000 lbs. and tows perfectly behind my V6 truck. 

Hope to see you out on the road :~)


Anonymous said...

The pictures are fantastic and I much appreciate the pros and cons. Thank-you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How much did your final product weigh? Also, how much did it cost you to get the trailer with your modifications from the manufacturer?