Sunday, February 20, 2011

1. The Planning Stage

I've always loved to camp, but as I get older, the idea of sleeping on the ground in a tent with all that comes with it, doesn't appeal to me.  I still want to get out and see America and stay in its beautiful campgrounds, so, what are my options? Motorhome, travel trailer, pop-up trailer, camper shell for my pickup?  Let's look at those options as I see them.

A motorhome is a great way to see the country and has all the comforts of home.  In fact, some folks live full-time in motorhomes crisscrossing the country.  As great as that sounds to me, I don't require that much room and certainly don't need the brutal gas expense.  And then you have repairs.  I'm a "keep it simple" kind of guy and need to be able to make my own repairs when needed.

A Travel Trailer certainly fits the bill from a comfort standpoint, but again, the weight of the trailer requires a truck with an engine larger than mine (V6,4.3L) and again a sizable gasoline budget.  If it costs too much, I won't go.

Pop-Up Trailers have always been popular and with the price of gasoline at current levels and forecast to rise, Pop-Ups are a very popular choice.  They are fairly light in weight and because of the low profile when closed, are a dream to tow. So why not get one? For me, the screen/canvas walls give no real security.  I know it's not a very rational reason.  Campgrounds are traditionally one of the safest places to be and most campers are there to enjoy life closer to nature.  Still, it's something that bothers me so I say "It's not you", Pop-Up trailers, "It's me".

A Camper Shell was another option.  The economy was certainly there.  Very little difference in gas mileage with the camper installed.  The space issue, on the other hand was indeed a concern.  I am, by nature, a minimalist, but a trip of several months requires a lot of supplies and those supplies take up a lot of room leaving no room for me to sleep.  Kind of the "this bed's too small" scenario.

So what's left?  How do I get the space I need without the weight and gas budget that I don't want?  The answer for me was a Cargo Trailer Conversion.  I love the idea of being able to customize it any way I want to and the size and weight will be a breeze behind my 2007 Chevy Silverado. 

This blog will follow the purchase and customization of my 2011 Cargo Camper.  Stay tuned.

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