Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5. Finding the Right Trailer

After a few weeks of shopping for a trailer, I've narrowed it down to two manufacturers.  The first, builds a standard cargo style trailer and is happy to make a few modifications for me if I need them to. 

The second manufacturer builds a motorcycle trailer that is lower to the ground due to a 4" drop axle and reduced inside height.  It would be 5'-6" instead of 6'.  Both of these changes make the motorcycle trailer cheaper to tow due to less wind drag.  This builder is also happy to work with me on changes to make my trailer more livable.

I was prepared to install my own windows after bringing my trailer home, however, both manufacturers offer 15"x30" windows installed for around $140.00 each.  That includes the labor of cutting and reinforcing the area around the windows.  Obviously, it's easier and cleaner to frame these out during the framing stage before walls are installed.  An offer too good to refuse.

Another modification I want to make concerns the side entry door.  Both manufacturers offer a true RV door with screen and window for $500-$600 but this add on would brake my budget so I'm planning to delete the usual "cam lock" and have an RV Flush Lock installed for $55.00.  To this, I'll add a dead bolt lock when I get the trailer home.  This will give me the look of an RV door without the hefty price tag.

Another option that I find hard to resist is a Screwless Exterior.  It'll add another $200.00 to the final price but will really add value and curb appeal.  It would be hard to pass this up.

The only other add-on I'm considering is a matching spare tire and wheel.  At $140.00, it's another budget breaker but an important option to be sure.

So much to consider.

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