Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6. And the winner is...

After a lot of research and study, I've decided to buy the motorcycle trailer (the red one pictured below).  It costs a bit more but offers more in the way of included options, better construction, and better towing due to less windage.  It is also closer to me, thus saving me $250.00 in gas.

I plan to order the trailer in time for a June 20th pick-up date.  The following is a list of changes I plan to make when ordering:

1.  All white color
2.  Screwless exterior walls
3.  Bar Cam Lock and plastic entry handle not installed (delivered loose in plastic bag)
4.  RV Flush Lock installed (I will add a deadbolt lock later)
5.  (2) 30"x15" windows installed aft (see drawing in next post)
6.  (1) Spare Tire and Alloy Rim (delivered loose for mounting later)
7.  (6) Flush Mount D-Rings (delivered loose in plastic bag to be mounted after vinyl floor install)

Next Post: Updated Drawing

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